Books That Would Make Good Movies

One of the joys of reading is when you get to imagine all the details you’re reading in ways only you can imagine.  But once you’re done sometimes it just leaves you wanting more. Like wanting to actually see the book transformed into a movie because the story and characters keep lingering in your mind making you wish they were real. In a movie, characters can be brought to life and viewers get to witness their emotions and the atmosphere of the story told through great cinematography and even fashion sense. This is probably why many movies are based on novels made popular by their readers first. Though the task of transferring paper to screen is no easy feat and at times fail to give justice to the book, people still crave for some sort of reality to feed their love for fiction. So this time we’re uncovering this writer's choice of novels that she thinks would totally make great movies.

1. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes


The Girl You Left Behind tells a moving tale of two women - Sophie and Liv, who live in two different eras and whose lives are linked by a painting titled `The Girl You Left Behind’. The story switches between France and London around the years 1916 and 2006. Spanning a century’s difference readers get the feel of war torn France and also modern London. It has all the ingredients of a great story: conflict, tragedy, romance, survival and loyalty. It’s also a hard to put down book that tugs at your heartstrings in the way Jojo Moyes often manages to do. With a heart breaking title like this, readers will especially look forward to the way the painting will be depicted in the movie since it plays a pivotal role in the novel. Such a beautifully written story shouldn’t just stay between the pages of a book and would definitely be an epic love story not to be missed.


2. The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Set in Barcelona this story is a truly engaging read full of mystery and books! It all starts the moment a young boy, Daniel Sempere selects a book from a library known as the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Little does he know his choice will lead to major consequences and sets forth a quest of not just self-discovery but most dramatically the truth behind the author and the story he wrote in which Daniel struggles to uncover. Reading it can be quite a task since it is rather lengthy but kudos to the woman who translated this Spanish bestseller into English hence making it into a real page turner and an unforgettable read. What makes this book so enchanting is the story in a story, its rich and intense plot and the literary obsession enveloped inside. Based on all these descriptions and with the right cast and screenplay we think it would be an amazing movie.


3. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender


If you’re looking for a quirky drama then this one fits the bill. Written in a fresh style this story depicts the life of an American girl named Rose who discovers on her 9th birthday her ability to taste her mother’s emotions in the lemon cake her mum bakes for her. From there she learns of her mother’s betrayal towards her dad and thus begins her life from adolescence to adulthood of knowing a bit too much of people’s feelings – the good, the bad and the ugly through the food they cook when she eats it. This story is like most family dramas out there but spiced with some sense of surrealism. A story rigged with emotion and various descriptions of food it is indeed an endearing story and worthy of a shot at the big screen. Emphasis on the magical gift Rose has and its consequences would be really fun to watch especially the scene when she learns the shocking part about her brother (spoiler alert). It would make a delicious movie for young adults especially and will leave them thinking about 3 things- how people are good at hiding their emotions, food and particularly the brother ;)


So after reading this are you looking forward more to reading the book or watching the movie? Whatever your preference it must be mentioned that not all books deserve to be on screen since book lovers believe nothing can take the place of a good book. Movies can lack certain feels and omit (many) details that come from the novel. But the creative world is out there for a reason and movie interpretations based on novels are often anticipated even if it's just for some people to debate over which one is the best –the book or the movie. Have you read any interesting books lately that you think would make a great movie? Do share the titles with us below for we’d love to check the book out.