How to Get Your Life Together Next Year

We are in a couple of weeks’ time to reach the New Year and you should definitely start your New Year goals resolution now. If you haven’t achieved them this year, add it for the 2018 goals. However, do take note to make you goals realistic and start small. If you overachieved it, congratulations to you! So here is how to get your life in order together next year so that you feel a little bit secure with where you are in life.

 1.     Have a planner


You might not believe in the power of having a planner book before but you definitely should to keep your life organized. Own a 2018 planner book to list down your monthly goals and calculate your budget as well. By writing things done, you have that aim to chase and stay on track. So bring those goals out from your mind and scribble it down in that planner of yours. Carry it everywhere you go so you can write down anything you want in there from appointments, meetings, dates, work tasks and more.


2.     Start your savings


Financial security is vital for any of us to feel prepared in life. Start saving up a fixed amount of share from your salary every month and it can be used in case of emergencies. You can probably save it up to buy something you want in the future like a new house, new car or probably a new walk-in closet.


3.     Start Moving


Although you may be living a hectic life and can hardly squeeze in time to exercise, no worries as you can get moving with other ways. Climb up the stairs to your office, get up from your seat every hour and do things standing up. But if you do have time to squeeze in your schedule, do some simple workout moves at home. You do not have to go all out at the gym and pay a hefty amount of gym membership. Simply do some exercise at home or a jog around the neighbourhood wearing your stylish running shoes.


4.     Plan an annual trip


At the beginning of the year, plan somewhere you would want to visit or unwind. Take it as a reward from working hard throughout the year. You can go small by travelling locally or be adventurous in exploring new countries. Plan your budget, itenary, ticket flights and accommodation for the trip in advance so you are well prepared.


So are you ready to get your life in order for 2018? Let us know what your new year resolutions are in the comment section below.