Outfit Ideas on How To Style A Blazer

People might think that blazers can be only worn at the office or a formal day. But come on, in today's era we can style whatever we want from formal to casual or casual to formal and look amazing regardless of where we are heading to. So, for today outfit ideas, here are some ideas on how can we style a blazer for our casual day-to-day wear. Enjoy! 

1. Clady Spring blazer


This type of blazer really suits for daily basis because the material is light and not too hot especially when you are in Malaysia. You can wear a printed white shirt inside, tuck in and layer it up with Clady Spring Blazer.  Not only that, you can make your outfit look more enhanced by adding a bright red colour sling bag with lace up ballerina shoes.  Pair it with ripped jeans so that it will look more casual and don't forget to add some accessories and for this outfit, like a nice Cluse watch. Sometimes we need to play a little bit with colour so that it will reflect positive vibes in our life. Chill.


2. Red Double Breated Blazer


This type of blazer in red colour are really rare and not all people are brave enough to style it unless you are among the fashionistas. But don't think that normal people like us cannot style it with confidence and own the look. Wear it with a black slogan t-shirt as paired with skinny jeans and don't forget to tuck in the shirt. Do you know that tucking in your shirts or any blouses,  will make your outfit looks more stylish than usual. Wear it with a black sling bag and strappy heels to make your outfit look instantly glamorous! Add a few accessories to make you look more girly too.  


3. Buttoned blazer


This look is called the "Lady Boss" Look. Why? Because buttoned blazers will totally make your whole outfit look instantly elegant, classy & glamour. To make it look ravishing, wear it with a red sleeveless shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. Match them with a two tone colour sling bag and knotted high heel sandal. Add on a leather strap watch to make it look extra Girl Boss material!

For girls who don't like to wear heels or pumps, you can totally change it to your favourite sneaker. In fashion, there are no rules, just wear whatever you feel you like it. 

Hope this outfit idea will totally help you girls on having the idea of how to style your blazers at home. Don't just keep your blazer in your wardrobe for many years and only wear it on office/formal day. Take it out NOW and ROCK it!

 If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment box section below. Thank you for reading & have a nice day!