Shine Bright for This Festive Season!


Sequins, glitters, sparkles and shiny are the in trendy style to wear for this festive holiday! It is the perfect outfit for party and night outs! Although it might be a tad bit hard to dress it up. Here are some fashion ideas that you can keep in mind when trying out this dazzling outfit.

We are all familiar with the one all sequins dress. Sometimes it might be too loud or too much in an outfit. So, try out a sequin top or bottom and match them with another fancy blouse or bottom to go with your statement sequin piece. It is stylish and still rocking the trending look in a smaller scale which will fit in and be accepted to the norms of fashion easily.

London str S12 159.jpg
Kors F16 115.jpg

Metallic colours are in! Metallic colours such as gold, silver and bronze, they will shine brightly throughout the whole night. You will steal the show by wearing these colours for your New Year’s Eve party! Give it a go with either a top or bottom with a metallic colour that will suit your warm or cool skin undertone.

1.      If your undertone is warm, your veins are green, and you will glow while wearing gold colours.

2.      If your undertone is cool, your veins are bluish in colour, and silver colour will compliment your skin colour.

Apart from that, a combination of a sheer top with metallic pieces will make you appear like the star of the night. Pair it with nice coloured heels with a simple makeup look or go crazy wearing a bold lipstick shade.

Paris str S17 071.jpg
Paris str S16 043b.jpg

Red and green colours are also a great choice of colours for this season. Try out a monotone outfit with either all red or all green outfits (a dress will be a better choice). People who can pull off a monotone outfit from head to toe looks really chic, stylish and cool all in one and I admire them tremendously.

Try out these small little fashion ideas and have a blast to enjoy the last few days of the end of the year with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!