The 60 Minute Morning Routine That Everyone Should Live By

Do you ever wonder how successful career or businesswoman, actresses and even health professional are so alive whenever you meet them? If you are curious in what makes them full of energy every morning, here we are bringing you a fool proof 60 minute morning routine that could increase your productivity levels.

 1.    Drink a Cup of Tea


When you wake up, do brew up some tea to get your become more awake. You can go for English tea or Green tea in the morning. Try to avoid coffee when you can as too much caffeine isn’t good for you.


2.    Write a journal


Start your day with a positive vibe by writing a short paragraph in a journal every single day when you wake up. You can write anything you want from what you want to achieve that month or your what your plans are for the day. It helps put you in focus and in control of how you want to lead your day with great productivity.


3.    Have your breakfast


Start your day with a nice breakfast such as a bowl of cereal, toast, eggs or pancakes. Fill your tummy to keep yourself full of energy and be in a good mood. Drink a full glass of water to hydrate yourself and remember to get eight glasses of water daily.


4.    Exercise


Squeeze in some exercise routine after having breakfast each morning and sweat off your calories. Whether you go out for a morning jog around your neighbourhood, do some yoga or even ride a peloton workout bike to keep your body awake, it definitely helps elevate your mood. You may feel lazy to start but once you are at it, you will never regret it. Wear your favourite sportswear and feel confident sweating off.


5.    Shower


After sweating off those calories, go ahead and take a cold shower. As you may have a water heater, a hot shower will only make your body become unenergetic to go through your day. Cold shower will make your body awake and ready to conquer your day with positivity.


So are you ready to be productive and rock your life? What are yours in making you feel positive every single day? Share it in the comment section below.