Ways To Celebrate Every Child

In a culture that emphasizes a lot on grades and maybe status, it is sometimes hard to stick to a belief that says, it’s not all about the A’s. But what if we could shift the minds of society and tell them that hey, my child is more than just a grade on a piece of paper; he has other strengths and I believe that makes him special too. It may be a tall order but I think we could do it. Some may be doing it already with their own children. But what are those strengths or specialties that we can also celebrate? There is no exhaustive list of things but here are some that we think can help parents feel rest assured that there’s more to their child than just being able to score in the exams.

1. Good Character


So your child is not at the top of the class but does she have good manners?  I believe that a child who has good morals and possesses great values that will stick with her or him for years to come, deserves as much accolades akin to scoring straight A’s in the exam.  If they can mind their p’s and q’s and keep their manners in check with loyal perseverance, they would rate high on the list of good character.


2. Creativity


You have to admit that some kids who are not so academically inclined can tend to be more on the creative side. So why not celebrate that side of your child. Be encouraging and tell them it’s alright to have ideas and be creative. If you can accept this quality in your child and push them to pursue their passion, the world could be a much better place for them. And who knows, their creativity may possibly turn them into better learners and more fun individuals. After all, life shouldn’t be so serious.


3. Talent and Skills


Some people have everything - brains, talent, good behaviour, good looks and even dress well. But these people are sometimes few and far between. And if each of your children can only cross out one item in the list above, it’s perfectly OK. Maybe one child has the brains, one has the looks and the other two can sing and play sports or just love helping you in the kitchen. So, yay to all that. Celebrate, don’t discriminate. Support and don’t condemn.

In short, if your child feels like the underdog sometimes or the odd one out, tell them they're diamonds in the rough who will shine brightly with enough polish and patience. While academics is always important, parents and even society should acknowledge the other strengths their children have and help shape these special young ones into positive and wholesome individuals. What parents shouldn’t do is push them aside because they don't perform and only celebrate those on the A-list. Ultimately, with proper guidance and support everyone has the opportunity to be molded into shining stars all in their own special way.


What other qualities of our children do you think we should celebrate? Feel free to share with us below. We'd love to hear from you.