What To Do During Year End Review

So it’s that time of the year. Again.

You know, when your stomach is feeling all sorts of funny all day long at the office and everyone is kind of jiffy and suddenly you find yourself overanalyzing everything your boss says.

Is it good? Is it bad? Does this mean I’m in a big trouble? Should I go update my CV?

Well if in your head it’s none of the above, chances are you’re the high-flyers. Good for you!

But if you’re not..ehem..that kind, it’s not the end of the world. Most of the time, it’s just the nerves – those DARN nerves – got to you. Chances are, your position is not that bad and things are not as bad as it seems.

All you need is how to manage your expectation and prepare before the review session comes.

So, what to do?


1) List down all objectives for this year

And make it clear. Everything you’ve done, the results, how it impacts the organization you’re in – list them down. Make it as concrete as you can, preferably with tangible results so that you can show them to your boss when asked.

2) Be honest

What do you think of your performance this year? Be your own self-critic and the best one at that. Do you think you did well? If you don’t, what areas can you improve more at? This would be most helpful to prepare yourself for what’s coming so you don’t get caught off guard and would show your boss that he/she has a good staff who seeks others’ opinion about themselves for improvement. Remember, reviews shouldn’t all be positive.

3) Ask and plan ahead

While you’re doing this year’s review, it would be helpful for you if you ask and plan about what you’re doing next year. Then, the objectives for this year, whether or not they’re met would be easier to be justified – and for you to properly move on from this year. What past is past, and if this year wasn’t all that well you shouldn’t dwell too long on it. Similarly, if it was well for you, allow yourself to gloat for a bit (hey, it was your hard work!) but don’t get too cocky – next year’s coming and it might not be the same.

4) Reward yourself

Whether or not it was good, you are entitled for a treat for all that has been achieved this year. Be generous to yourself and go to a nice restaurant, or go on vacation, or even movies to celebrate this year. You’ve worked hard and this one-year would certainly change you for the better (hopefully) and wiser, so indulge in some good things before making your way to next year.

After all, the review is all about you, so make the best out of it.