Woman Crush December Issue: Exclusive Interview with Celebrity, Nadia Brian

The talented 25 year old, Nadia Brian, is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. This raising new start definitely has what it takes in taking on different roles and giving her best in what she does. With her beautiful smile and great personality, it cannot be denied that she has her own following that supports her career. Ending this year with a bang, we got the chance to get an exclusive interview with this young talented celebrity. Intrigue in knowing her on a more personal level? Read her interview with us down below.

1.    We discovered that you are rocking in your career in the entertainment industry, how did it all started? Feel free to share us the story.

Being an actress is one of my childhood dreams. I studied Diploma in Performing Arts. Before this, I had some experiences acting in theatre and a bit modelling here and there. In 2015, my acting career took off in my first drama ‘Akulah Balqis’. It cannot be denied that I am really passionate in the acting industry.


2.    Being an actress, everyone thinks that it is a life filled with glitz and glamour. Give us a little insight on what goes around during red carpet events.

Red carpet has become a favourite event for me since I became an actress as I have the chance to get to know other artists in the entertainment industry. Normally at events like this, I get to know the latest scoops on new upcoming artists and learn a bit or two about their experiences. I also love to dress up for the red carpet events.


3.    Describe to us what goes about on a normal day of shooting.

nadia 3.jpg

You have to be confident every single day, understand the characters you are playing and be prepared mentally as well as physically.


4.    Everyone knows that being a celebrity; you have the perks and opportunity to dress up in any types of outfit. Describe to us your personal style.

nadia 9.jpg

Denims and floral maxi dresses.


5.    What item in your closet do you wear the most?



6.    High heels? Flats? Sneakers?



7.    You have flawless natural skin. Share with us your skin care regime.

nadia 6.jpg

I often apply makeup so my skin needs to be cleaned properly everyday before and after every shoot or attending an event. Like most women, I will use facial cleanser every morning and moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Besides that, I never forget to apply sunscreen to avoid myself from the harmful UV light towards my skin especially as Malaysia’s weather can get quite hot.

 To remove my makeup, I use Miceller water makeup remover and complete the routine with cleansing oil to remove the excess dirt away. Lastly, I finish my skin care routine off with a night serum before going to bed. Once a week, I will pamper my skin with a face mask. Not only that, I ensure to always drink a lot of water to always stay hydrated.


8.    You are always on point with your makeup, what are your beauty must-haves to always look gorgeous?

nadia 7.jpg

Nude lipstick , highlighter and contouring!


9.    What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?

Facial treatment for your skin.


10.    You have a great figure that most women will be jealous of. We wonder, how do you stay fit and healthy?

nadia 8.jpg

Workout 20 minutes per day, have a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.


11.    What is your weirdest pet peeve?

I am a very loyal friend. So I do not like people who pretend to be nice and stab others back. Other than that, I dislike when people break their promises as it can give worst outcomes to other people.


12.    If you are stranded on an island, name three things you want to have with you.

nadia 4.jpg

Books, foods and a best friend.


13.    What is one place in the world that you would want to travel to?

Santorini, Greece.


14.    If you could a career change, what would you want to be?

A historian.


15.    If you could have superpower, what would it be?

To have the power of invisibility.


16.    Name us one role model that you look up to in life.

My mother.


17.    Please tell us who your celebrity crush is.

Gal Gadot.


18.    Share with us one thing that people will be surprised to know about you.

 I love to sing. And the truth is I have one problem which is I have sweaty hands hehe


19. What should every woman try at least once in her life?

nadia 5.jpg

Sports, workout and be independent.


20.    What advice do you have for girls who are still chasing their dreams?

nadia 1.jpg

Do not be easily fooled with what others are saying about you. Be yourself and never give up.


Are you becoming a fan of this lovely lady? If you are, do follow her on Instagram @nadia.brian. Who do you want to read about next for our New Year’s issue? Please leave your suggestions down below.