Things to Know Before You Hit 30

When you hear the word thirty, the big 3-0, it seems to be a scary age for some who approaches it because your fun twenties are coming to an end.  But you know when you have reached that age, you are more mature and learned a lot of things in life. Who says turning 30 is something to dread for? It is definitely the beginning of life. Why? Check them out below.

1.     How to live alone

By this age, you have learned to be independent and live alone. You are good in taking care of yourself and love the freedom you have. It turns you into a more responsible human being and managing things in your life.


2.     Learn who to trust and not

You will meet different kinds of people in this world. During your twenties you have already detected the people who can and cannot trust. You will lose some people along the way but do not be sad about it. You should be proud because you noticed it earlier on in life.


3.     Everything about your finances

Before hitting the thirties phase, you will have already know how to manage your finances from what you earn, taxes and insurance. You are more strict with your budget and spend things wisely.


4.     Breaking up in a decent way

It can be admit that when a relationship does not work out, we will tend to feel all types of emotions but by you reach 30, you have learnt how to break up in a decent way. No drama. It does not need to be devastating as sometimes things just don’t work out.


5.     How to fall in love without losing yourself


Okay, you may not be the master of love but always remember to not lose yourself even when you have fallen in love. Be your own self while still loving another person. It is very easy to put the one you love your priority but do not keep it from becoming your true self. The right partner will understand that you have your own individuality before you guys started falling in love.


6.     You are more than what you wear

Sure, fashion is a fun thing to explore but by 30, you know that you are more than what you wear. Why? It is because you have outgrown yourself and know the right choices to make in life which will benefit you in the long run.

So what did you learn before you turned 30? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.