Asia’s Next Top Model S5 Trend of the Week: How to Look Stunning in Ravishing Red

Some people might be afraid to pull off something red in their ensemble but with the right pieces, you will definitely look amazing from head-to-toe. However, do not be scared to put yourself out there as red helps bring out your sexy side effortlessly in front of others. Whether you have a fair or dark skin tone, you can rock red with class and elegance. Check out how to look stunning in ravishing red pieces below.

1.     The Sexy Red Dress

Who doesn’t love the popping red dress? Red dresses play the same role as LBD’s. It gives off that sexy aura that women are looking for and perfect for dates and dinner parties. The difference is that red dress makes you stand out of the crowd with ease. Wear it as it is and be the center of attention. Try red long evening dresses or red bodycon dresses for that perfect desired look.


2.     The Dramatic Red Lipstick

Be dramatic and bold with your makeup. Take a risk and swipe on that red lipstick shade to feel that boost of confidence everywhere you go. Red lipstick shows that you are in control, sexy and sophisticated. It also definitely draw others attention straight to you when making a conversation. No one can take their eyes off you.


3.     Extravagant High Heels

Rock a stunning pair of red high heels to any occasion with style. Why? The red high heels help enhance your overall appearance without you trying too hard. Match it with any outfit you have on and step out looking amazing as ever. You can never go wrong with red high heels if you pair it correctly with your outfits.

What are other red fashion pieces that you adore? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.