How to Achieve That Stylish Retro Pin-Up Girl Look

We can never be bored with the stylish retro pin-up looks in the 50’s. Yes, the fashion trends have changed throughout the years but retro looks are always fun to pull off once in a while. However, instead of wearing the old retro look, you can definitely pump it up with modern touches. If you have no idea how to make the vintage retro style look fantastic, take a look at how you can achieve the look with ease.

1.       The Ensemble

Of course to get that retro pin-up look, your ensemble plays a huge role in making or breaking the outfit. The tip is to choose clothing with vibrant bold colours and patterns. Colourblocking is also the key in making your outfit look the BOMB. For example, popular colours to get that retro feel are red, yellow and blue.


2.       Vintage Headband

Remember wore headbands when you were little girls? Well, vintage headband designs definitely bring out that 50’s vibe. By simply accessorizing your hair with the nice ribbon headband, you will look like a pin-up girl in anything you have on. Just make sure the colour matches well with your outfit.


3.       Red Lipstick

With just a simple hint of red lipstick, you are rocking the stunning retro look. You can never go wrong in achieving the pin-up girl look by wearing red lipstick. Besides that, red lipstick makes you look more alive and ready to have fun.


4.       Footwear Power

What is a retro inspired outfit without the perfect shoes to match? If you can find that classic polka dot high heels, it will be the spectacular. But you can also find that bold matching tone heels to bring out the beauty of your whole look as well.

Are you one of the ladies who just love a retro inspired look? Share with us how you style your look.