Interview with Fashion Designer, Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie is one of the well-known names in the fashion industry as he never fails to impress us with his designs. Recently, the iconic local fashion designer has come up with the latest ready-to-wear collection for Raya this year. With unique and modern twists in its designs, woman can feast their eyes on the spectacular Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA 2017 pieces. To celebrate his latest collection, let’s get close with the designer himself. 

1.      When did you start falling in love with fashion and decided to pursue a career in it?

At first, I was an architecture student. At that moment, I was exposed to ‘fashion people’ and it got me involved with the modeling industry. From there, I get to know the designers and the famous people in the fashion industry. Since then, my interest towards fashion grew and I realized that it was the path for me to pursue for my future, hence I decided to change my course to fashion design. When I finished my studies, I didn’t have any boutique yet, therefore I used the opportunity to use my Mother’s salon to promote the designs I made to her clients. After awhile, I managed to open my own first boutique at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

2.    What is the best thing about being a designer?

The best thing of being a designer is that I get to do the things I like the most, which is by creating, and inventing new things. Honestly, I get bored really easily, therefore by being a designer it motivates me to design new things for the community. Also it gives me the opportunity to show others the new things I have created.

3.    How do you bring your inspiration into reality?

I like to dream and I know women love dreaming too. Basically I enjoy turning people’s dreams into reality and therefore, that is how I get my inspirations from; by making dreams come true. I like to design new things that pop out in my mind anytime, anywhere and I will make sure it will happen.

4.    Who is your muse in fashion?

My muse is the Jovian Mandagie women. They are strong, aggressive, feminine and alluring. These are the characters I adore from these women as they inspire me more to design beautiful things.

5.    Raya is seen to be the busiest season ever in fashion, so what inspired you to come out with the collection this year?

This year I have came out with something really different and unique, which is a collection I made for ZALORA, named “Savannah”. The Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection was redeemed from the unique culture of Africa whereby I took its characters as my inspirations with its vibrant colours and tribal prints. I managed to turn it into perfect Lebaran outfits, which really embraces Africa’s beautiful character and persona.


6.    When did you start planning your collection for this year’s Raya?

I started planning the Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection since November 2016. I will always start by sketching my inspirations and followed by choosing the right colour palettes for the collection. From there, I will find the suitable fabric to make sure the dress that I have created turns out to be perfect as its final outcome with beautiful embellishments and beadings as to complete the whole look.

7.    What is your favourite piece or pieces in the collection?

My favourite pieces from the collection are definitely Zavannah & Zayra. The flower detailing embroidery and embellishments are strong which resembles the African inspiration deeply.

8.    What can fans look forward to in this latest collection?

They can definitely look forward to the bold and daring mood of the Savannah collection as they enter the safari mood and feel when they see and purchase the collection. It is different than any other collection I have ever designed.

9.    Tell us your style tips for Raya.

For Raya, before you choose an outfit, decide an outfit that is suitable with the occasion you go for. Make sure that the outfit you choose is suitable with the weather and the environment there. Never over-accessorize your outfit, because sometimes less is more. However, that is the best thing about the Savannah collection, it is actually very easy to wear as it is already bold and you don’t need any extra accessories to wear it together with the outfit, as it is already unique at its own with the embellishments and detailing on every design created.

10.  Can you describe your own personal style to flaunt for Raya this year?

My style for this Raya is more on subtle look with minimal design but still carries the masculine and sleek character that I am.

11.  What drives you to keep pursuing in the fashion industry?

The support of my Jovianistas, family and friends. They excite me and they keep my spirit on board with every new thing I bring towards the brand. Without them, I would never be the person I am today.


Have you seen the Savannah by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA collection? Share with us your best pick in the comment section below.