Interview with Fashion Designer, Syomir Izwa

Syomir Izwa is a very well-known designer and never fails to impress us with his unique yet stylish collections. This kind soul brings a twist of modern and classic touches into the elements of his designs. Here bringing you an exclusive interview with Syomir Izwa, we had the chance to catch up on his preparations for his Raya collection this year.

1.    How did you decided to start a career as a fashion designer?

I was introduced to this world as young as 11 years old. I started drawing from a young age copying cartoons and the ones I love are those Disney princesses. I have a fascination with them and drew what they wore. It gradually became a passion of mine to become a fashion designer.

2.    Where do you find inspirations?

As you can see my collection is synonym with something historical. I can get my inspiration anytime I want. It can happen with any time within the 24 hours. Normally what inspires me is what happens in my life in a six month period from the movies I watched, music I listen to or travel trips. Some of my collections are also inspired by strong personalities as well as friends. But mostly what comes to heart are derived from tradition, cultural references, architecture and heritage buildings.


3.    Do you have a favourite cut or style?

I would say I prefer a simple loving way of style that is straight forward and speaks clearly with colours. This allows a woman of 25 years old to a 65 year old trendy lady to manipulate classic lins with ease. Something that is timeless that is infused with modern and classic twist.


4.    What is the IN trend for this year?

Since this past four years, I realize that there is a trend for everybody and not just one top focus trend. It has changed and not as obvious as before. The fashion scene has been generous these past few years and provides everything for every personality.

5.    What is the concept behind this year’s collection?

For this year’s Raya collection, the concept behind it revolves around the long distance relationship we have with our loved ones. The long trips or voyage we go through to meet the ones we love.

6.    How do you start the design process for Raya this year?

Well, my family is a mixture of different states, countries and culture. The thought of travelling home to meet your loved ones relates very close to me. It is how I came about in beginning the design process and implement that nostalgic feel in the collection.


7.    Describe your collection in three words.

Real. Fun. Flirty.

8.    What are your styling tips for Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA 2017 Collection?

The collection caters to different types of personalities as it can easily be styled. It can be glammed up with accessories, or you can unbutton the sleeves, roll it up or wearing the top as it is without the bottom making it look like a dress while still maintaining a beautiful appearance.


9.    What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given to you to strive in the industry?

I received a lot of advices in my career and one of them I can remember is from the late, Sonny San. He told me to get to know other brands and distinguish my label from others. Have a strong identity and contribution to the industry so I could be different from my counterparts. Fashion is not an easy path but passion and patience is the key.


Which of the designs from Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA has caught your attention? If you are wondering where you can have a glimpse, simply visit ZALORA’s website now.