Interview with the Talented Fashion Designer, Tom Abang Saufi

This fashion designer never fails to bring us the latest yet classic styles in her fashion collection. Intertwining the use of traditional batik prints with modern concepts, Tom Abang Saufi sure knows how to make her pieces timeless. Let’s get up close and personal with this talented lady to get her insights on her new lebaran collection for ZALORA.

1.    Share with us how you got yourself involved in designing.

Designing if it means loving and coordinating clothes was in me as young as five or six years old .I picked my own styles, colors, shoe styles etc. I think this passion is the one I never grew out of and that I realize I must make it into a career.


2.    What is your favourite part of becoming a fashion designer?

Best part of being fashion designer is when an idea becomes a reality and it’s put on a model. And it actually works and the feedback when its good after a showing.


3.    Before you start designing a collection, how do you plan and make it into a reality?

I think of mood inspiration first, then designing it in my head at least 8 shapes that’s in synergy. The motives of fabrics, colors and then the fabrication.             


4.    When you are coming up with a collection, do you have go-to shades or materials?

Shadesbecause I design n use ‘batik’. The materials are mostly natural silks or cottons so it’s quite easy . Either ‘batik’ on crepe, the chine satin, chiffon or organza. The hard part is combining the colors together.

5.    What is the inspiration behind Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA Collection?

Inspiration for ZALORA was twisting the classic Tom Abang Saufi motives. I wanted to give the humble baju kedah a new chic feel by giving it a modern neckline and playing with ‘pesak’. To look in the 2017 trend by still maintaining a simple silouette.


6.    Describe your designs from Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA in three simple words.

Comfort, Chic and Elegant.

7.    Among all the pieces in this year’s Raya collection, pick one favourite creation of yours.

My favourite is the Sonya top in lime and turquoise. The modern baju kedah.


8.    If you can choose between kebaya and baju kurung, what would it be?

Kebaya. It’s got more room and fabric variety to design. Either the tight form or even looser depending on the fabrication whether it is soft or stiff. It can work both ways.

9.    In your opinion, what is most important in maintaining your success?

One must always be aware of global trends and development on popularity of designs and seasons relevancy. Everyday is a learning curve. Keep up with the trend.                       


10.    What is your advice to future designers?

Look for your inspiration and start your own trademark. That’s when it is easy to get ideas because you have the goal of pushing that inspiration into more interesting shapes and designs.


Have you checked out the pieces from Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA? Check them out at our website as the pre-order is now open. Share with us your favourite design from the collection in the comment section below.