Signs You Need to Slow Down in Life

Sometimes we know that life can make us extremely stress and affect our mood and health. We often hear that when someone pushes themselves too hard, they will fall sick or feel depressed. However, we do not want to have a wakeup call when something bad happens to use, thus, we need to know the signs of when to slow down in life. As fast as life takes you, it is still crucial to know when you need to take a step back to recharge. Here’s how to know when:

1.       When you are too attached to your phone

It cannot be denied that you can leave your phone behind but do have some distance with it at times. For example, after you get home from work, spend some alone time with yourself and family. Do not be TOO attached to it. When you wake up from bed, do not make a habit of checking your phone straight away. Give it a glance and get yourself ready before anything else.


2.       You can’t remember doing something nice for yourself

If you cannot remember the last time you did something nice for your own self, maybe it is time to take it slow. Doing something nice for yourself can include a trip to the hair saloon, a short weekend stay at the beach, shop new clothes, catch a movie or even a simple mani pedi session.


 3.       When was the last time you had a good cry?

Emotions are a normal part of life and there are times you feel that you just need to let it all out by crying. You may sometimes be sad or frustrated but since you are too busy, you have to hold back your tears. But crying is what makes everything better. Let out a good cry to free all those emotions. Trust me, you will feel like yourself again.  


4.       How’s your sleep?

Do you think you are getting enough sleep? Or are you having difficulty to fall asleep? Either way, listen to your body. Rest well. This helps you feel more fresh and ready to go about your day.


5.       You don’t watch what you eat

Okay, when you are busy with life it can be understood that you do not take care of what you put into your body. However if you make it a habit, it will lead you to gain weight. Keep healthy eating your priority and do not skip any meals.


So how do you know when you need to slow down? What’s your way of relaxing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.