Up Close & Personal With Lubna Designer, Nina Aziz

Founded in 2016, Lubna is definitely taking the fashion industry by storm as it never fails to impress us with the stunning pieces suitable for women of all age. Bringing the best modern yet modest apparels for women, Lubna is definitely a brand to be reckoned with. Here we are giving you an exclusive interview with the woman behind it all, Nina Aziz. Let’s go up close and personal with this lovely talented lady.

1.    How did you start to fall in love with fashion?

It all started with the Barbie doll. My parents gifted me with the iconic toy for my birthday and it all went from there. I created a small collection from plastics and unused fabrics and would beg my mom to buy new clothes and accessories so I could outfit each one. Not to mention, with my flare for fashion at the tender age of six, I would give my Barbies life altering make-overs by cutting their hair and using permanent markers to change their make-up and eye colour.

2.    When did you know you wanted to start designing?

I love to draw since I was in kindergarten, and discover that I like to sketch figures and clothes when I was in secondary school. It really started off when I was accepted to be in UiTM for a fashion design course and I learnt professionally.

3.    Do you have go-to shades or fabrics every time starting a collection?

I would always start with a color palette that will compliment all skin tones, such as pastels, warm and cool tones. Depending on the color trend for each season as well.

4.    What can fans find special about Lubna Raya’s collection?

The collection features an array of versatile kurung choices that can double up as separates for festive and daily dressy wear. These wardrobe sets are available in metallic plisse, a wide variety of pinks, peaches and pastels, monochrome floral lace and dark botanical prints. "I wanted to incorporate statement sleeves as a major trend across kurung sets and tops. These come in layered crepe, rouching, split puff-sleeves with a touch of sheen.

5.    Pick one favourite piece from the collection.

Pleated Puff Sleeve Kurung

6.    Describe your designs in the collection with three simple words.

Fun. Feminine.Effortless.

7.    What skills are important for a successful career in fashion?

-Highly Creative & Artistic

-Strong Drawing Skills

-Good Eye for Detail

-Understanding Texture, Color, and Fabric

-Strong Visualization Skills

-Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills

-A Good Sense for Business

-A Competitive Spirit.


8.    Let’s us have some fun. If you are stranded on an island, name three things you want to have.

Water filter, knife, tent

9.    Flats or High heels?

Heels :)

10.  Describe your personal style in general.

Minimal, practical, pastel colours!

11.  What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Eat all the desserts she wants without worrying too much.

12.  What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I can eat a lot.

13.  Before we sign this off, what is your advice for individuals who want to start a career in the fashion industry?

Do decide on which specific area of fashion that you would like to be in, the industry includes everything from photography, styling, merchandising, buying to designing. Know which area to focus on, and start from there. Gain as much experience as you can, no experience is a bad experience. Be persistence and have patience, it will take time to be where you want to be, take each experience as a stepping stone.


Have you seen the amazing Lubna Lebaran collection this year? If you haven’t, head onto our website to find out more about it and tell us your favourite design in the comment section below.