Burn Fats with Burpees & Look Fabulous On Raya

Burpees are one killer workout that even a gym rat hates it, but trust me the burpees offer you significant benefits. Burpees is one of the best weight exercise which you can add into your home workout routine. You don’t have to spend 45 minutes on a treadmill to burn your unwanted fats, all you have to do is 10 - 15 reps and 3 - 5 sets of burpees. Start by doing it for a couple of days in a week if you are just a beginner and gradually increase the reps and sets. Best practice is to do it 3 times a week if you looking forward to rock your Raya outfit like a Diva. You may try doing it every alternate days and once you get stronger,  you can incorporate it in your daily routine or take up the 30 days burpees challenge. After every set rest for 20 seconds, if you think you can push yourself to do extra reps or extra sets, just go for it but do not over do as you don’t have to tear your muscles.



Why burpees?

Many of you might think why it has to be burpees. Well, it is simply because with the load of joint movements, it helps to work most of the muscles in our body. It is a seriously effective workout because it puts more pressure on your lower body as well as upper body.


Enjoy the burn!

Burpees are one of the fastest ways for fat burning. At your very first set you will notice your heart rate increases as well as boost your metabolism. Burpees itself burn a lot of calories in a short measure of time. Though you will be hating it because of the pain but you will love the effects that you’ve gain from it. As the famous exercise motto No Pain, No Gain.


Guide to do burpees

In the basic burpee, start in standing up position and squat down. Once you squat down put both hands on the floor and kick both feet back into straight-arm plank position. Bring your feet back and push off the ground and jump, you can choose not to jump if you find it too intense for you.

Optional: You can perform push ups when you are in your straight-arm plank position.




Burpees are one of the best exercise that increases your heart rate and decrease your body fats. For best results, you may add a few other workout routines to incorporate the burpees.

Examples: jumping jack 20 | sit ups 10 | burpees 10 | push ups 10 = 1 set. Rest 20 seconds after every single exercise and a one minute rest after every sets of exercise. Enjoy working out.

Bye fats and Hello fab!

What are your ways in looking fabulous? Please feel free to share it down below.