How Can Gents Stay Stylish All Year Long

Men always have dress up issues since they rarely think about their looks. In spite of that, there’s actually a great deal to think about when it comes to great style. In fact, looking sharper than 98% of other guys are quite easy; not only does it require little knowledge, it also requires less energy. It is the sort of stuff that can be easily remembered. What are they?

Here are the best of the best tips: seven extra things that you can start working on, right now.

1.    Spend more for fewer premium clothes

For the reason being, quality plays the biggest role when it comes to purchasing clothes. Quality endures better than quantity and makes you look better. You can start off by shopping for a suit even if you don’t really need it. This is just to experience having one and set yourselves up for future special occasions, but make sure that it fits you perfectly. Go to a tailor shop to take your body measurements and always bring it with you by any convenient means like keeping them in your wallet. It will always come in handy when you are out shopping.

2.     Invest on small accessories

When you finally have the perfect suit, it is time to buy classy accessories e.g. a new watch that matches the style of your new suit. Moreover, go and get a new classy wallet. People always think that the thicker wallets will get more attention. In fact, the slimmer the wallet, the better you’ll look. If you’ve been waiting for everyone to realize how stylish yours is, stop. It’ll make you look more pleasant when you haul a slimmer wallet out to pay for things. Small accessories can extraordinarily elevate your appearance.

3.    Neckties, belts, and bags included

Wear a necktie when you don’t have to, just for fun. Expand your belt collection by looking for more vintage buckles. Forget the basic school belts and start to collect the black or brown dress belts, casual leather belts, slim belts or summer fabric belts. You can also try to wear suspenders, but never both at the same time, period. Lastly, backpacks are for kids. If you’re not planning to go back to primary school in the nearest time, equip yourself with a messenger bag or a briefcase and trade up anywhere, anytime even if you do have to go to school or college.

4. Hairstyle must be on point

Watch hairstyle tutorials or the 2017 trending hairstyle for men. Learn to befriend your hair, know your hair and treat it with the utmost respect because the hair is like the crown for men. It must look luxurious and appealing. Get the necessary products to style your hair. If you are already using a certain product, try to explore different products too. Who knows you might find a better one.

Make your hair look stylish; shining, wet and neat. Grab your trusted hair products. It might be quite pricey but remember quality is priceless. Let them see you as if you are a high-end model flaunting a cool hairstyle.

5. Shoes! The more the merrier


Two pairs are never enough. Get more shoes and vary the styles. You should have at least five types of shoes; casual shoes, cool sneakers, dress shoes, casual office shoes, and boots. Shoes are the most underrated fashion tools for men. Men should know when to wear and what to wear it with. If you wrongly matched the shoes with your outfits, you might be a fashion victim.

6. Read

Go and read some books on fashion, magazines or articles. For example, maybe you can start with the book about the latest men’s fashion trends. Either outdated or updated version, it is not a big deal. Expose yourselves to something new that can generate brilliant style ideas. By reading, you can enhance many things such as improving your fashion skills and style.

7.  Try out new stores

You can visit new menswear stores that you have never been to. You might like the new styles you see in the stores. Avoid constraining yourselves to only a few of your most beloved brands. Subscribe to their newsletter email lists if you like the respective store. Irrefutably, you will get numerous ads that you don’t need. But look at the bright side, you will receive updates about their sales and promotions that your friends might miss.

So, what is your focus? Have you got the idea yet? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to know.