How To Appreciate Your Friendship?

Who doesn't have best friends? Well everyone has one, right? Some of us may have a huge circle of friends meanwhile others just may have some few close ones. Why does this happen? One of the reasons is because it is quite hard to find someone that has good chemistry with us. Friendship can be equaled to a chocolate bar; which has various tastes of sweet, tasteless and bitter. Sometimes, an argument could occur unintentionally due to merely misunderstanding but still that friendship bond can bind it back at the end of the day. Since the Friendship Day is just around the corner, these are the things you can do together with your coolest friends ever.

Spending Time Together

  • Pick a day when everybody is free and start doing all enjoyable things together such as having delicious meals, playing board games, gossiping, shopping for new clothes, watching favorite movies and singing at a karaoke lounge.
  • Try out something new. For example, trying new restaurants and making an evaluation on it afterwards.
  • Organize a party. List down a few activities to make it more hilarious such as exchanging gifts, playing games, celebrating your friend’s birthday and more.


Showing Appreciation

  • Making an effort to get the requested items which are in their wish list, such as buying a special gift that they want for their birthday.
  • Tell how much you appreciate and love them. A simple lovely word can change everything like hey, thanks for always here with me. I love you!


Showing Your Interest to Your Friend

  • Be a good listener. Everyone has their own story. They may need us to lend our shoulder and ears for it. A good friendship is always built in accordance with good communication. So, isolation is a very big no-no.
  • Offer some advice if they ask for it. Make sure that the conversation is not conducted in a serious room. Some humors are applicable so they will feel more comfortable and accept the advice easier.
  • Show some support or interest to your friend like giving them moral support when they are in difficulty.


Giving Trust

  • Bear in mind that it is very unacceptable to stab your best friend's back. This is among the huge reasons why a friendship eventually meets a dead-end.
  • Seal their secrets safely. They put their trust on you to not share it with anybody when they tell you something personal. Otherwise, YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED BY THEM ANYMORE.


Supporting Each Other

  • Always tell you friend, “I'm here for you. Just let me know if you need something and I'll help you
  • When your friend is going through a breakup, come over and spend time with them so they will not feel lonely. If you are away, try out another way like calling other friends to cheer him or her out as well as enliven it more. Buying something pleasant is also one of the ways to forget the problem momentarily.

Just remember to keep-in-touch with your friends or you may start losing him or her in the near future.

Friends will appreciate you when you can become yourself despite your struggles. If they don’t, they don’t deserve you when you’re at your best.
— Ed Junaidi

So, do you have yours on this upcoming Friendship Day?