Make Up Ideas for Single Lid Ladies

Single lids, mono lids or no lid, whatever you call them are good as it is but there is nothing wrong in enhancing it with some incredible make up ideas. Single lid beauties can also have fun applying lashes, liners and playing with shadows too. If you are one of the single lid beauties out there, you will understand that enhancing your lids is real work. Check out the makeup ideas that can transform your eyelid look down below and have fun with these looks.

1.     The Feline

Some single lid beauties might think that there is no point of wearing eyeliner. But that is definitely not true. Why? This is because you could shape your eye to look wider but the trick is to apply the right amount. Not too thin or too thick and wedge it at the end for that cat-eye effect. It also adds that sexy touch which definitely helps boost up your confidence.


2.     Shadow It Up

You can also experiment by applying some eyeshadow onto your lids to draw focus on the shade. Whether you go for a yellowish tone, blue or pink, these colours help lift up your natural beauty. However make sure to apply some eyeliner on to make your eyes pop out more as well.


3.     The Smokey Eye

It does not matter what your eye shape is, smokey eyes will always look good on anybody. Put on loads of black matte and add some shimmery tones to balance out the look. For this eye makeup look, mascara and eyelash curlers are your best friends.


What are your makeup tricks to enhance the beauty of your single lid? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.