Modern Androgyny Styles Women Can Pull Off Looking Fabulous

Some of you probably feel clueless on what modern androgyny styles actually look like. Well, if you have no idea, modern androgyny is a style which men and women can pull off looking stylish. It is a style that is not gender-specific and appears great for men or even women to show off. A combination of masculine and feminine twist is definitely a look you should try. Here are a few modern androgyny style ideas which exude a nice balance.

1. The Blazer Suit

The blazer suit ensemble can be worn by both men and women to a formal meeting, work or even a day out looking sophisticated. You can wear that nice blazer over a t-shirt or blouse and still appear amazing effortlessly. This is absolutely a popular look often pulled off by career ladies out there.


2. The Swag Hoodie and Boots

It does not matter whether you are a man or woman, ripped jeans are a classic piece for any gender to style with confidence anywhere they go. It is a timeless casual piece which looks simple when paired with sneakers.


4. The Oversized Jumper

Who doesn’t love the comfortable oversized jumper? Men and women can rock jumpers in their own unique way. It will never appear out of style and th easiest piece you can wear especially when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Catch up with your friends or go out to town wearing the jumper and never worry looking sloppy.


5. The Winter Coat

Winter coat does look a bit masculine but women can sure flaunt it with style and accessorize it with handbags and boots for a feminine twist. Although we are living in a cold country, it is always a nice style to don whenever you travel overseas.


6. The Hipster Edge


Hipster styles are a favourite pick among men and women as it displays a nice edgy touch. A street style look which portrays a young vibrant side of you.


So what is your favourite modern androgyny style? Feel free to share your pick in the comment section below.