Spend Smart, OOTD Hard

Amazed by different styles of OOTDs that fashionistas pull off? Have you tried to do your very own OOTD? While it all looks fun and fine, one might stumble upon the reality that OOTDs are not cheap. It requires  a consistent amount of hefty "supply chain" in the form of up to date fashionable items with designers' tags. So how would we be able to keep up? Check the tips below!

1. Preloved Items

Never look down on used items. Not all pretty things come in cheap prices but they could if we do a little bit of asset hunting in the mass of giveaway goods in places like carboot sales and second hand/bundle stores. Likewise antiques, some collectibles are just buried and under appreciated in someone's attics. However, like they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Designer's clothes and items can be bought at a cheaper price without sacrificing the quality and look.

2. Buy online

Online retail businesses are known for its convenience, speedy transaction and also drop-dead-crazy discounts. For example, at the moment when one signs up to be a member of an e-commerce shop, you'll already be gifted with a special new member coupons or first purchase discount, while collecting points, you'll end up with many more coupons/codes for special privileges when spending. Thanks to the database that they keep for their online customers, seasonal massive online discount such as Cyber Mondays  (which happens on the first Monday after Thanksgiving day) should motivate you to spend online. Purchases can be made within minutes at the tip of our fingers which by the way, already cuts off your expense for gas.

3. Personal Shopper

Is there any overseas branded items out there that you have been longing to purchase but the price is just either instant noodles for a month or get a second job to buy it? Why don't you try purchasing it overseas through a personal shopper or a 'friend'. With the currency exchange, service and exporting fees accumulated, you still might win over the cheaper price if you get the merchandise from the country it was manufactured or the origin place of the brand. There are now many services that sell original branded items from overseas through a pre-order system and they'll mail or send it right at your doorstep.

4. DIY

What's thrilling about DIY is that you get to learn a new set of skills. Design your own and sew yourself. You could tear up clothes that don't fit anymore or maybe there's a cute ruffle from your old dress that you'd like to keep and drape it around your new handmade skirt. Do it! Plus, for a basic Baju Kurung that you have to spend around RM60 for every time on tailoring, you'll be able to get it done at a cheaper price your way once you make the time and polished your tailoring skills. It will be so worth it. Plus, it will only make your OOTD more interesting.

5. Mix and match

Be smart when you do OOTDs. Not everything you wear has to be brand new items fresh from the stores.The same hijab can be worn with the same bottom and shoes when you want to flaunt your new peplum blouse, per say. Else, you could change your make up or accessories to demonstrate versatility of your outfit. Have a focus. Moderation is always best! Now you work it gal!

What are your ways to look fashionable while still maintaining a good budget? Tell us in the comment section below.