The Latest Spring/ Summer Women Trends 2017

The Spring/ Summer has come and it is the time to do our trends forecast on the best-selling pieces for the season. Women who are anticipating what are the new fashion clothing to add into their closet at home can get some insight on the predictions made for this year’s Spring/ Summer collection. Let us take a look at the trends we are assuming will be taking a huge support from the ladies.

1.    The Off Shoulder Shirt

Copenhagen str S18 119.jpg
Stockholm str S18 122.jpg

For this season, the off-shoulder shirts are becoming a favourite choice of ensemble for women. As it shows a modest yet sexy appeal, women can easily pair their off shoulder shirts with a nice pair of jeans or office slacks for a chic look. One of the best-selling pieces is the blue stripe off shoulder shirt that exudes a hint of formal yet sophisticated which is perfect to be worn to the office or a girl’s luncheon.


2.    Simple Printed Tees Are Back

Stockholm str S18 094.jpg

The printed tee phase is back on the fashion scene as women can be seen flaunting the simple yet trendy tees as their day-to-day streetwear look. Wear it on a casual day out, an easy going date out or run errands while looking stylish effortlessly. Pair it with jeans, skirts or denim shorts anywhere you go.


3.    Oversized White Shirt

Stockholm str S18 333.jpg

For the ladies who love a comfortable feel, the white loose oversized shirts are the perfect choice. You can tuck it in your pants or wear it as a dress and still look amazing any way you style it.


4.    The Two Piece

Stockholm str S18 180.jpg

This two piece blouse has become a top pick for the ladies this season as it gives that youthful teenage look with a modern feminine touch to it. Pull it off with your own personal style and show off your swag in front of others.


So what is your favourite Spring/ Summer 2017 trend? Leave it in the comment section below.