The Top Bohemian Rhapsody Trends

The bohemian trend is back in season these past few years as it has that laid back yet hipster touch to it all. From clothing, accessories to shoes, the bohemian rhapsody trend will probably be staying long due to its simple yet edgy hint of style. The hippy style definitely pops out in a season every year due to its high interest from women. The fun, chic yet vintage trend is perfect for women to pull off on a casual day with friends, going to concerts of even funfairs as it exudes elegance and youth.

1.     Flower Child

Everyone knows that floral prints on dresses, tops and cardigans have that trendy edge of boho which every woman loves. The classic bohemian flower pattern is what makes the boho look more feminine for a woman to pull off effortlessly.


2.     Accessories

Accessories like scarves, headbands, sunglasses and leather bangles are definitely in this year. Wrap the scarves around your neck for a modern classy boho look or go retro with a nice headband on top of your hair. Top the look by wearing a red coloured lipstick to enhance the bohemian rhapsody in you.


3.     Fridge Sandals

Gladiator sandals or a nice fridge like design definitely help perfect your bohemian style. It does not matter whether you are wearing a dress or those flare pants on, the sandals elevate your bohemian mood in the most effortless way possible.  


4.     Peekaboo top

Donning the white or beige coloured peekaboo style top with that crochet lace design is perfect to be worn over a bikini. It is absolutely a sexy approach of bohemian look which you can wear to flaunt your sweet side to others.


So what are your favourite bohemian fashion trends? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.