10 Ways To Celebrate Ramadhan As A Happy Mom

Hey mothers, how’s your #ZALORAYA2017 going? Heard that they’re having huge deals and that’s totally awesome! You might want to check it out HERE and I’m sure you’ll look stunning on Eid. Anyway, we are in the last 10 days of Ramadhan now and Eid is coming really fast. This is when we seek for the most anticipated occasion that is Lailatul Qadr, the night that’s better than one thousand nights. While Lailatul Qadr is magnificent, it might seem unfeasible for some mothers whose routine is already taxing their spirit of Ramadhan.

So mothers, let’s redefine our own ways of celebrating Ramadhan bearing in mind that God has different set of rewards for us.   

1.       Be grateful with whatever meal that is ready on the table

2.       If you can't cook iftar for the day, that's okay because there's always a bazaar ramadhan nearby. 

3.       Buying meals from the bazaar doesn't make you any lesser. Because you choose to spare some time and energy for Qur'an recitation and terawikh later

4.       Be content if you only get to recite one page of the Qur'an per day because hey that's better than nothing, no?

5.       Same goes with performing terawikh at the mosque.  If praying at home only seems feasible, then go ahead! Because you know, it gives you peace of mind instead of worrying about your kids' safety

6.       Happy moms don't set their worth on the state of their house this Ramadhan

7.       And neither do they compare themselves with others on the social media, because self-content is what their focus is on

8.       Spending their time with the kids playing hide-and-seek is also a way to celebrate Ramadhan. Because praying and reciting Qur'an aren't the only ways of getting the blessings

9.       For us moms, blessings come in various ways from staying up all night taking care of our baby to waking up super early to prepare sahoor for everyone. While doing so, you can also recite the prayer for that's specially for the last 10 days of Ramadhan, 'O Lord, You are forgiving. You love forgiveness. So forgive me' 

10.   If you plan to make early food and freeze them for later meals, that's another brilliant way to celebrate Ramadhan. Because moms too deserve some room for themselves to spend it with God in these final days

We all need frequent reminders that every nice thing we do in the name of God will be rewarded apart from praying and reciting Qur’an. As mothers with kids and chores to handle, we have tremendous ways to honour this holy month and it’s just that ours is different from the rest of the Muslims.

Speaking of that, Would love to know your stories too! Drop your comments below and share with us how you glorify Ramadhan with your family.