2017 Raya In Trend Outfit Guide

Zaloraya is bursting with smashing collections! You should now have an idea of what's hot and what's not, as we speak. Reviving elements of french baroque fashion and Malaysian 80's groove, we have the perfect baju raya 2017 wardrobe projection for you, this upcoming Raya!

1. Peplum and bell sleeves

Peplum and bell sleeve are the likely duo that keeps coming back. With a huff and puff here and there, pull off your Raya look with this chic and funky combo which flatters you all at the right place. With the right cut and luxe fabric, you can let your dress speak in volume of your high sense of fashion taste while still letting you own it. All hail and credits to you! Why reminisce at the classic memory when you can bring it to live?


2. Ruffle


One can never have enough ruffles on their dress. Whether it's the cuff, bodice, waist line or your entire tiered and draped skirt, ruffles will exude a feeling like you are being wrapped daintily in grace and femininity. Give your ruffles some TLC (tender love and care), you know you'll never go wrong with these. This fluff is necessary in order to stand out among the rest during this festive season.


3. Lace and embellishment

It's amazing how a piece of fabric can make you feel. Another one that is needless to say, enchanting and almost the all-time of women-favourites are lace embellishments. Aesthetically beautiful and historically sexy, they don't appear in lingeries nor wedding dresses only anymore, but also in shawls and baju raya!  Layer it with a matching linen and lush it with a hint of sparkly beadings for that exclusive look which will definitely make other people's jaw drop.


4. Pleats

Yes, pleat is back, living and kicking. So how do we get the preppy look of pleated skirt and turn it over into a red carpet worthy look? The traditional baju kurung fabric is usually sewn pleated on one side so as to not only give us ample space for walking but also an effortless hint of flair. With this smart style, the pleat trend today has gone all the way through to 360 degree on skirts and trousers to see the craze effect by fashion onlookers.


5. Applique

Appliques never die. Thanks to their hand made assortments and versatility, each of your outfit could be personalized  according to your preference as well as personality. A lot of fashion boutiques out there are experimenting with beads and sequins appliques to highlight and give interesting textures to dresses. They can be fun to play around with but definitely mezmerizes us as we observe closely into its intricacy and reflective colourfulness.

So what are other 2017 Raya trends you spot this year? Feel free to share them below.