3 Ways to Adopt In A New Environment

If someday you might have to go somewhere you didn’t even expect like going overseas to further your studies or having to work abroad for years, you might have a culture shock. Culture shock is a feeling that makes you feel uncomfortable with the new environment around you like the culture pf the place, the people you hardly know yet, their language and etc.

To make it smooth, you have to try to adopt with the environment so you can do study and work in well. Here are tips for who are migrate from your old places to a new place.

1) Be friendly

First and foremost you have to be friendly with people you meet. Try to make new friends even if you can’t remember their names and faces in a day. This will lead people to recognize you as a friendly person. Most people will feel comfortable with someone who is friendly. So, be friendly and just say ‘hi’ with the new faces you meet along the way.


2) Learn their language

At least you must know the basic of their language. You will have trouble if the people doesn’t understand what you are talking about. Then you will feel like nobody will be your friend because they cannot understand your words. Just learn the basics and you will be automatically be an expert in their language by living there for some time and mingling around.


3) Be patient and always learn

Everything you want to happen surely will take time. It can be done within a short period or will take a little bit longer. Just be patient and strong even you are far from your support system such as  family and friends. Try to always make an effort to learn through your experiences every day. At the end of the day, it will be the sweetest memories of your life.

Lastly, going to a new place will teach you many things you can’t get in school. Just fly with your dreams! How do you adopt to a new setting? Share it down below.