Acne Face Mapping : How Your Acne Speaks For Your Health

Often times, we use topical creams and lotions to diminish the acne on our skin. Little did we know that our acne could actually be telling what is happening to our body from within. The Acne Face Mapping has been used in ancient Chinese medicine to reflect people's internal health. If you have been breaking out at the same place for the longest time, this article may help to end your worries.

  • Forehead

Acne on the forehead usually indicates problems in your digestive system. This includes the small and large intestines, liver issues, poor diet, accumulated toxins and even stress. To reverse this, make sure you regulate your sleeping schedule and eat food that can help with your digestion, Make sure to drink gallons of water per day to flush all the toxins out of your body.


  • T-Zone

These areas associates with liver problems and poor circulation. It also means that there is an excessive alcohol and fat intake. So cut down on those, exercise regularly and you will start clearing up those acne remarkably!


  • Chin

This is where we usually get our acne during period and that is because this area indicates hormonal imbalance. Cutting out dairy intake in your diet can also help to clear up the acne in this area. Wear purifying mask during that time of the month to speed up the acne healing process.


  • Cheeks

Acne on our cheeks are commonly caused by external factors. Consider swiping the screen of your phone everyday with alcohol because your hands alone are holding a lot bacteria that you do not want to transfer onto your cheeks when you are answering up a call. You can also just use a set of earphones. Also, change your pillow case at least once a week if you are a side sleeper. Internal factors are caused by lungs due to air pollution and also stomach from overeating.


  • Ears

Yes, some people do get acne on their ears and these are often due to problems with kidneys, signalling dehydration. Again, try your best to drink enough daily water intake to flush out toxins and stay away from excessive salts and caffeine in your diet.


"You are what you eat" is definitely a quote to look up to when we are breaking out. Obviously, when you put good things inside your body, good things will come out. So eat more vegetables and fruits to get all the vitamins needed to stay healthy and beautiful, inside and out!

What are your tricks in treating those acne? Feel free to share it down below.