Contributing Writer: Faizah Azmi

Faizah Azmi believes that food is the best treatment for herself other than anything. A girl who never stops trying new food, finding new friends through the internet and making everyone around her happy though she's not. No, she's a joker too! LOL

Started writing when she felt she was the only one of Aliff Aziz's fans who doesn't have a blog. Love to share her daily life stories, yummy food and sometimes she shares about her favourite things in life as well. Already hitting 10 years of and to be in Zcoop is the best archievement so far. 

Eventhough her instagram (@faizahazmii) is private, hit her on DM and she will definately approve you but with one condition of course! HAHAHA. No, she's joke. AGAIN. But you can tweet (@faizahazmii) her and she will reply you; even faster than Instagram :)