Contributing Writer: Farrah Aida Fahmy

Hi. I am Farrah. Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by two things (i) someone who owns an office at home (I love the idea that you can be at work where at the same time you are in the comfort of your crib) and (ii) guitar. Now, I'm living my childhood dream. I'm a tutor, I have my own work place which is a stone's throw from my house and whenever I'm bored, I have Si Kapok, my guitar to play a tune or two.

I love to read. Reading inspired me to write. I started blogging somewhere in 2008/2009, intrigued by the idea of blogging, we can write and share with others. However, I only became an active blogger in 2013. I love arts and crafts, coffee, music and cooking simple recipes. I take small jobs on party planning and handmade greetings cards too. So, From FAMF Tower is basically about my life and what I cherish. I blog about crafts (the cards that I made, some tutorials and DIY stuff), easy guitar chords for beginners and simple tasty recipes that I treasure.

Apart from that, I share useful tips and hacks especially on cooking, health and education with my readers.

Find me at my tower or Instagram @faidamf