Contributing Writer: Lenne Zulkiflly

Hello! I'm Lenne. A twenty-one year old blogger based in Malaysia. The content-creator of 

I'm a makeup enthusiast, I love everything about makeup especially when it has the power to enhances the beauty of us all. I'm also a lover of cats! Meow~ I'm always a foodie; it makes me happy. 

I love creating content and sharing it with the people out there. Being connected with other people all across the world is amazing as I've always been inspired by other bloggers and that's one of the reason why I have my own little corner of the internet. Blogging is fun, blogging is awesome and I will never stop blogging. 


The moment I was given the chance to write for Zalora for the first time was phenomenal and probably one of the best thing ever happened to me. I was thrilled because Zalora?? The most prestigious online shopping website?? Duh.