Contributing Writer: Nadey Khairudin

Salam and Hi!...I'm Siti Nadirah Khairudin but friends called me Nadey. I'm from Gombak, crazy, loves to laugh out loud and likes anime so much. Graduated in Zoology course in UKM. Animal lover EXCEPT cockroach. The best thing about my career, now I'm an entomologist/Business Development Exec (study in insect especially cockroach) in Pest Control company

About hobbies, I'm a single lady who has various hobbies such as blogging, anime figure collector (kamen rider), reading, korea japan drama marathon, travel, scuba diving, paragliding and I loves writing cerpen. 

Started blogging since May 2010, Biawak Goweng Nadey . My blog story about life, travels I went to, my short stories, my random thoughts, music, drama and movie reviews and my blog is a place I'd share memories.

Actually, I do private my Instagram and FB however just hit me an Instagram DM at Nadey Khairudin. I will open my heart to let you know me more.