Contributing Writer: Sofie Adie

Her name is Sofie.  She was born and lives in Sarawak. But half of her life happened in Selangor, Kelantan and Perlis. In education, she was a science student but the passion in literature.

Before she officially launch in April 14, 2014, she was an anonymous blogger who blog just for fun. Until one day she realizes the blog is not just a blog. It has a power to inspire people by share an inspiring story to readers. Then, she starts again with new spirit. She shares a story that happened with her, a rant that makes people rethink again, a review from nice place, and join the blogger community until she become one of contributor in Zalora.

If you don’t see any new post on her blog, maybe she struggles to finish a book from her favorite writer or busy to seize the day. She loves to write in her heart that every day is the best day ever. Carpe diem my friends!