Contributing Writer: Zatil Aqmar

My name is Nurzatil Aqmar, I blog at Engineer by profession, mother of 7-months old baby by nature. When I'm not in the office in black pants suit, you'd find me at home cradling my baby with my laptop or running around the house with a sweeper trying to sort my scrapbooking stuff (a hobby I developed since uni). In between those, I blog.


I started blogging back in foundation years, before flying off to Japan to pursue my degree. It was just a hobby back then because I needed an outlet to write and rant. Well, who knew.. the hobby lasted this long!

I mostly blog about things I encounter in my life - the archives recorded my experience taking up engineering degree in a Japanese university, traveling throughout Japan, student's lifestyle being abroad and such. I started sharing my insights on fashion, too - it's hard not to do that when you're surrounded with fashion-forward Japanese classmates in uni. And thankfully, the hobby continues till I'm back in Malaysia for good a few years ago. 

Fast-forward, there were no longer ranting entries about college; but instead, I started blogging about my wedding preparation. Got married to my then boyfriend of 9 years! Blessed with a wonderful baby boy recently, too - so as a first-time mother, expect more blog entries on my baby boy and clueless parenting style. 

The blog includes my travel logs too as sometimes my boss would send me off to overseas for work. Working so far away from home isn't so fun, but I find solace in it by looking at the experience in new perspective, and blogging about it is definitely one of it.

I find blogging awesome because I can write and share on things from my own view; which sometimes people wouldn't expect. It provides a platform for me to connect with others, too - I came to find that people tend to relate to you better when you express yourself on paper. And writing about my interests for Zalora, one of the most prestigious e-commerce website? The best thing ever.