Here's How to Explain Eid to Your Kids


Oh Eid is just around the corner y'all.  Have you prepared your clothes, rendang, ketupat and duit raya? This is one of the best parts of Raya because you get to spend to enjoy the festive occasion. Hope that Eid prep is going well on your end because apart from shopping,  pretty sure your kids are beginning to ask you about Eid Day?

“What’s Eid Day Mommy?”

“Why are we going to Grandpa’s?”

“What’s with the crowd at the mosque Daddy?”

So when they start to ask about Eid, here’s what you might want to consider say:

1.         Eid, among a few other things, is meant to celebrate the success of fasting for 30 days during Ramadhan

2.         This is when people are encouraged to put on new clothes and look stunning.  Oh just love this fact!

3.         We pray in congregation at the mosque as a symbol of unity and we glorify God for the blessings that He bestowed upon us.

4.         We get together at open houses and catch up with one another.

5.         We also go for home visits around the neighbourhood and that makes Eid in Malaysia very special.


6.         Don’t forget about the food galore kids!

7.         Eid means happiness and celebration. So if you happen to be abroad during Eid be it for study or work, remember to celebrate it with the community there.

8.         In fact, it’d be great to be able to experience Eid from different cultures.

9.         Eid is also celebrated with the unfortunates so remember to give donations either in monetary, food or clothes.

10.     And finally, if you wish to throw an open house, invite your non-Muslim friends too. After all, we celebrate this joyous occasion with everyone! 

So parents, the next time your kids ask about Eid, remember to let them know that this is the time to be merry and spread the love. Anyway, what do you say to your kids about Eid? Love to know in the comment below!