Need to De-stress? Take Up One of These

Our hectic daily schedules, regardless due to work or study can lead to unbearable stress. Don’t let yourself drown in pressure or anxiety. From time to time, you have to give yourself some space to unwind. De-stress. One of the easiest ways is to take up something new as your favourite pastime. Be it in the comfort of your own place or outside under the friendly warmth of the sun, here are some interesting suggestions to be considered.


1. Adult colouring

Try colouring. Get yourself an adult colouring book and a set of colour pencils, markers or crayons. Unleash your inner child. Start colouring. Play with the vibrant colours, experiment with tones and shades on various images. Trust me, this activity is very therapeutic. It will take your mind off matters that are bothering you. You’ll be able to relax and have a peace of mind.


2. Brush lettering

Give yourself a try on brush lettering. It is an art of hand lettering and calligraphy. There are many online courses and videos available for you to learn to write in beautiful remarkable scripts. Brush lettering is an enthralling hobby to explore. It is no doubt a satisfying task. Once you mastered the art, able to produce the basic strokes neatly, you can make cards, table placing, logos plus other decorations. You’ll end up smiling, admiring your own artwork.


3. DIY Project

Boost your creativity in a DIY project. Make something for yourself or your loved ones. For instance, you can take up jewellery-making classes. Create your own jewellery and complement it with your new dress or pair of shoes. What’s worth is, it is imbued with your personal touch. Who knows that one day you will have your own brand of jewellery line.


4. Swimming

If you’re an outdoor person who loves the sun or the beach, take the plunge and jump in! Pick up the best swimsuit that fits you and enjoy the water splash. Not only it is an excellent source of exercise, swimming helps to release endorphins that will make you happier. This aids to lower your stress. You will be able to recharge and ready to face your mundane routine.


5. Hit the gym

Are you an active person? Perhaps you might try some fitness activities. Get yourself a gym membership. Go for a cardio or strength session. Alternatively, you can choose a class that suits you such as pilates, yoga or zumba. Sweat yourself out! You’ll be more energetic, facing a new day with high spirit.


6. Gardening

Get involved with nature and have fun with some soil. Let’s do a little bit of gardening. You can start with planting your favourite flower by the window or a few pots of herbs that can be used in your kitchen. Choose a herb or two that are easy to grow and maintain. Watch the growth of your plants and see yourself enjoy harvesting your own effort.


So, what are you waiting for? Try some of the recommendations above. What do you normally do to de-stress yourself? Kindly share it in the comment column below.