The Reason Why Wedding Ring on Left Hand is a Thing

It is everyone’s dream of meeting their true love and getting married to live happily ever after. Happy couples plan for months to have the special day go smooth and as they dreamed off. The ring shopping and the proposal is the best part too. However, do you ever wonder when and why wedding ring on left hand became a thing? Not that we are complaining. Women love to feel that piece of jewelry on their fourth finger but why the left hand? You must be getting curious to know. Placing the ring is a wedding ritual but let’s discover the reason behind it all. So here is why.

The story of this can be related back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. It is said thatthe Romans believed that the vein on your left hand at the fourth finger directs to one’s heart. It is to signify the romance that newly-wed couples have for each other making the vein on the fourth finger of our left hands be named ‘the veins of love’. Not only that, it also is a physical proof of the love both human beings share for one another.

There is also Chinese theory which says that your thumb represents your parents, the index finger is your siblings, the middle finger represents your own self, the fourth finger representing your partner and the pinkie represents your future children.

However, some people believe in the logical explanation that because most people are right handed, so wearing the ring on the left hand will not damage the ring much as when worn on the right hand.

But there are many people in the Europe who still chooses to wear the ring on the right hand instead. Ultimately, the choice of that wedding placement is all yours!

So which hand do you wear your wedding ring? Please share it down below as we would love the know.