Traditional Ways to Celebrate Hari Raya

Do you still remember during our childhood years that our parents brought us to the village to meet our grandparents and have the asking forgiveness session on the first day of Raya morning? Don’t you miss those precious moments in life? Well, either than kids collecting duit Raya, why not make other traditional ways of celebrating this coming festive season like the old days. Here are some of the traditional ways you might remember to enjoy this special celebration.  

1.     Go to those open houses

Everyone will be busy organizing open houses during Raya and we will feel a little overwhelmed with the invites. However, take the time and go to them with your friends or family. At this type of events, it allows you to catch up, share amazing stories and not to mention eat a variety of Malaysian delicacies.


2.     Bake cookies

Okay, we have to admit that buying Raya cookies is easier than actually making one nowadays. However, there is nothing wrong in taking that effort and time to bake some this year to reminiscence the childhood memories. Make this new memory with your siblings or kids and let the fun begin in the kitchen as you prepare for Eid Day.


3.     Family photo

This activity is the most compulsory thing in anyone’s Hari Raya agenda. A family photo compromising the grandparents, parents, kids and grandchildren wearing stylish baju raya 2017 designs is what makes the holiday exciting. We get to see different families donning a various theme colour or style.


4.     Delicious food

Gather with your loved ones around the table for Raya buffet style and enjoy eating that delicious food such as rendang, ketupat, nasi impit, kuah kacang and other delicacies. Forget your diet plan for the few days of Raya and indulge your cravings!

So what are your traditional ways of celebrating Raya? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.