Contributing Writer: Abigail Asrina

Abigail Asrina, or fondly known as Absy is a Borneo lass with a mind that never sleeps. A firm believer in getting out of one’s comfort zone to explore uncharted territories and going the distance, she is always seen tackling various projects and goals (but also because she gets bored easily). She is an Animation student, avid instagrammer,  Marvel superfan, film/tv geek, street foodie, and is dedicated to serve at the beck and call of her beloved rescue cats.

Absy is enthusiastic about arts, animals, beauty and female empowerment – a passion which she hopes to share with her readers through the beauty articles she writes about. To get to know her better, follow Absy on her Instagram @ototperut, or read her personal ramblings on her little blog “Two Broke Natives”.