Ever Wondered What Will Your Life Be After Maternity Leave?

Especially for first-time moms, confinement can be pretty perplexing with the routines being alien to them.  Among those are nursing, staying up at night and being physically limited due to the recovery. We all had the same feelings, no?

Speaking of which, going back to work after two or three months of break might not be a piece of cake when you have a baby to care for.  So if you are expecting or already on your maternity leave, here are some of the things that you need to be mentally prepared for the whole journey.

1. Morning rush

It's very normal to feel rushed.  Even when you have prepared most of the things the night before,  you'll still have to go through some hurdles like pumping milk for your baby's supplies at daycare,  getting him readyand getting inside the house again if he poops when you are already behind your schedule.  So be prepared that getting ready to work will not be as simple as before.


2. Pumping schedule at the workplace

 This is optional, if you choose to continue breastfeeding, that is. Moms usually pump during lunch break at the prayer room or nursing room if your company is kind enough to provide one.  What was used to be a leisure one-hour lunch could turn pretty messy because you got to eat and pump in that little time.  While pumping might take around 15 to 30 minutes while wearing your most comfortable bra, you only have the remaining the time to eat and chill before getting back at your desk.


3. Staying back at office

 Meeting deadlines are more taxing, now that staying back at the office isn’t as easy as before. You’d have to ask your spouse to fetch your baby or calling the daycare centre to inform them that you’ll be late at picking up your baby and this calls for overtime charges. You’d be praying hard that your baby is still doing okay while you’ve been at work from dawn to dusk. If this happens to you, try to focus on completing your work so you could hit the road right after.


4. Reaching your KPI needs a new strategy

Since you don’t always get to stay back or attending meeting and courses overseas, or even avoid taking emergency leaves every other two weeks, you will need to revise your KPI again and think of means and ways of accomplishing it.


5. Going to office with “Panda Eyes”

Motherhood will take its toll on your fitness and look because of your constant wake ups at night to change your baby’s diaper, to nurse and burp her, and rock her back to sleep. This means that you’ll be sleep deprived and it affects your health inside out. Perhaps it’s time to consider supplements to keep you going at work.


6. Going to work is me-time, in a way

 This is possibly true because you get to have lunch with your colleagues and have some meaningful conversations with them. The seniors at your office might be delighted to share their tips of handling babies while performing well at work. It will help to reduce your worries and anxiety of coping with your new life because they’ve successfully went through it. So going to work isn’t all bad, eyh?

It’s important to give all these issues a thorough thought so you could anticipate the changes in your near future. Some other essential points might have been missed so it would be great to listen to your ideas too. Jot them down in the comment box below so more readers will benefit from it!