Getting Hitched? 5 Things You Need to Consider

Hang on a minute, there. Yes, your wedding is approaching. You might be “elated or gassy or somewhere in that zone” as Anna put it during Elsa’s coronation day. You might already have sent the invitation, searching for bridesmaid dresses or booked a caterer for 2000 guests. But guess what? In the midst of the excitement there are several important matters that require your thoughts before exchanging your wedding vows. Let’s take a look at some things you need to consider before getting hitched.

1. Decide on your place to live


Remember to not get this particular issue overshadowed by your extended wedding reception to-do list. This is because as much as you look forward to the remarkable half-day ceremonial event, you should have decided on where to reside prior to that. Are you going to live on your own? If yes, would you be renting or buying a house? Are the both of you financially healthy to bear the mortgage? Or are you going to live with your parents? Whose parents then? Do you really want to live with your in-laws and give away a portion of your privacy?

2. Career path


With women being one of the provider for the family in today’s world, having a clear stand about your future career path is essential to your marriage preparation. Do you want to work at home, run your own business and what industry, or do you wish to proceed with where you are. If you’re working in shift, let your future spouse, be clear of your schedule such as working on this and that day, post call on every other shift day. If you wish to go far in your carer or you do not want to stay at home, inform that to your future husband. The husband should avoid saying things like “I prefer you to run your principal duties as a wife first before working” because statement like this has various interpretation and you sure want to avoid miscommunications in your later days.   

3. Purpose of life

purpose of life.jpeg

Understanding each other’s purpose of life is essential because that shapes one’s way of living. If one wishes to be happy in life, then he’ll do the things that make him happy. If one aims to be rich, he’ll probably be working hard to be where he aspires to be and this could affect the way he commits to the marriage. If one intends to travel for life, are you ready to spend your savings on that? If one wants to seek tranquility, he’ll try to achieve that but our definitions of tranquility differ. So get that clear by now. Well, should I say more?

4. What say you about children? 

messy child.jpeg

Most ladies wouldn’t mind bearing a child as and when they got married. It’s in our women nature I presume? Having that said, bearing and raising a child isn’t as easy as one might think from her little observation because one might not know what it’s like to be having sleepless nights at home and meeting deadlines at workplace. So with you being newlywed and still trying to adapt with your new environment (house, route, schedule, priorities, I mean now that you have a spouse you have two tummies to feed for breakfast), you might want to consider holding conception at least for a little while.

Probably, six months or one year before you actually conceive just to give yourself and spouse some room to acclimatise to the new life. Speaking of which, I’d be great if you could consider discussing this topic with your fiancé/ee although it might sound like you’re being overreacting but please, in today’s world, men and women have equal rights to say their minds. Speak up and get things clear before embarking marriage life and ladies, there’s no such thing as women should only follow because marriage is a team work, so everyone in a team deserves a space to pitch out their opinions.

5. Other passions/commitments

social work.jpeg

Oh be real. Marriage isn’t just about the two of you being together all the time. You have to loosen up a little and let your other half do what she/he’s great at. This is the time to sit down and let each other know about the things, outside marriage and work, that you love doing. If you have a certain hobby or special activities such as charity or social work that you would want to spend your time and money on, inform your future better half. This is so she/he could prepare beforehand that they will be times when you will not be around. So that she/he would understand that you will come home late, probably at 12 am, occasionally because you’re committed to your social work to help those in need.

Enough said. It’s time to listen to your thoughts! Come and share what issues you thought important to get it clear before the wedding bell rings. Leave your comments below and share with us ya. Can’t wait!