How to Pack Light for a Vacation

It does not matter whether you are going for a short weekend trip or a week vacation, some of us just happen to not have the skills to pack light. Isn’t it sometimes a burden when you have to carry a huge luggage to your trip and end up not wearing most of the things you pack along with you? So the best thing is to know how to pack light and this will definitely affect how you spend your holiday. Take a look at some of the packing travel tips that will help

1.     The carry on

If you have been to the airport, you will absolutely have the idea of what the carry-on bags means. Carry-on bags are the bags which sizes are smaller and do not need to be checked in. Therefore, whether you are travelling abroad or somewhere near your place, by having a smaller size bag or luggage, there will be no way you can possibly over pack.


2.     Roll it up

Everyone knows the roll it up method is one way to make a lot of room in your bag. Roll up your clothing and arrange it nicely. This saves up some space allowing you to fill in your other belongings in like toiletries or makeup.


3.     Bring what you need, not want you want

Do not get confused of what you NEED to bring along with you while travelling. It cannot be denied that trying to pack is a bit overwhelming; hence, to solve this issue is to make a list of things you plan on bringing. Then, you can cross out the things you can live without during that trip and only pack the necessary items.


4.       Take the basics

When you plan to travel, take into account that you should always carry with you the basic pieces such as t-shirts, tank tops and only a pair of jeans. You can also stuff in a dress as well. Clothing with light material is always the best choice so avoid bringing wool sweaters of bulky jackets along. Stick with simple basic tops and cardigans.  


So travel light and enjoy your vacation. What are other ways you can share to us on travelling light like a pro? Share in the comment section below.