How to Stay Happy in a Long Term Relationship

Have you ever wondered how couples can stay together for so long and are still happily married? Some of you might be jealous and some might look up to these types of couples. We often label them as a power couple and our relationship goals. However, these happy couples are just like the rest of us. They fight, they have disagreements, they hurt each other’s feelings but they manage to always work it out. Being happy in a long term relationship has its own efforts by both parties. So let’s us check out the important bases to cover.

1.     Daily hugs & kisses

Happy couples never miss the chance the show their affection towards one another no matter how busy their schedule is. Daily hugs and kisses make both parties feel loved even though they might be having a hectic day. It is always the sweetest when one has to run off early to work and goes in for a sweet kiss before heading off.


2.     Never stop dating

People often say that everything changes after marriage. It might be true that there will be some changes but to be happily married together, couples never stopped dating each other even after the ‘ I do’s’. They will always find opportunities to sway their partner and make them smile every single day.


 3.     Give those little surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises? It does not necessarily have to be something huge but making little surprises randomly a few times in a year will strengthen the bond of a relationship. Whether you send a surprise delivery to the workplace, sneak something in the closet or under the pillow, your partner will definitely melt.


4.     Listen, always listen

This is definitely one of the core bases which every couples should have in their relationship. Listen and never brush them off. Whenever your partner shares his feelings or stories, listen. Drop off everything you do and give them your full attention. If you keep ignoring your partner, your partner will start to feel hurt and resent you which lead to problems in the future.


5.     Honesty is essential

Honesty is crucial in any relationship even if the truth might hurt. Be honest and share things that your partner might not like to hear. It is better they hear it from you than from someone else. This is to avoid trust issues and misunderstandings in your relationship. Honesty goes a long way.


6.     Spending time

As soon as you get married, you both might find it difficult to stay together in one room at the same time except during bedtime. Therefore, sneaking in some time to have a conversation during dinner, go shopping for new clothes, going to a spa for a relaxing beauty therapy together or simply planning a day trip on the weekends is nice. This keeps a couple values each other’s company and never forget their love towards one another.


So what are your tips to stay happy in a long-term relationship? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.