Man Crush July Issue: Up Close & Personal with Ammar Akid

This month issue we had the lucky opportunity to play catch up with this busy 26 year old entrepreneur, Ammar Akid. Starting his own clothing line and being his own boss at a very young age, Ammar Akid surely captured our attention. The perseverance, effort and strength he put into turning his business into a successful one will surely impress any of the youngsters out there. So interested to get to know some important facts about this handsome gentleman? Let’s get up close and personal with him!

1.    It seen that you have your own clothing line, share with us your journey and the challenges you face.

Yes, I own a clothing line called Ammar Akid KL. I have always been passionate in business. I spent 5 years studying broadcasting, and during the years of my study I started doing small online businesses, trading and becoming dropship agents. After graduation, I worked at two local broadcasting companies, but I knew I wanted to do something more, something different. So I started selling spicy chips, I called it ‘Kerepek Abang Sado’ – you know where that name come from (wink) haha! The business turned out to be a big success, and afterwards I used the money I gained from there to start my own clothing line, Ammar Akid KL. I love fashion so much – so I knew this is the right direction to go. Ammar Akid KL started with female palazzos, and now we are selling other products too such as kurta, kebarung and blouses. The brand is almost 2 years now- I’m excited to see how and where it’s growing!  


2.    What inspired you to start a business of your own from such a young age?

I love the idea of being a role model. I have always seen young people interested in doing businesses, but they seem to be afraid to start. I wanted to inspire them that they should follow their dream, it’s OK to fall sometimes and get back up to succeed. Doing business is like a race – start early, you get what you want in return earlier.


3.    Share with us what your day-to-day schedule is.

One of the perks of doing your own business is getting a flexible time. Every day is a surprise and you will not know what to expect – scary, but exciting! I have my own staff, but I love getting involved in what my staff are doing. That includes inventory, marketing, purchasing and all of those fun stuff. It helps me understand my business better and knowing my staff better, to help me to become a better leader for my company. I would also not forget to include fitness activities daily such hitting the gym for a couple of hours or going for a futsal session with my friends.


4.    What do you like most about yourself?

I am a perfectionist! This trait really helps me to be focused in whatever I’m doing, especially my business. When I want something, I will make sure I will work hard enough to achieve it.


5.    What is your biggest pet peeve?

Getting lied to. Honesty is the best policy. Sometimes I put so much trust in people, and when you are lied to, it’s just not the best feeling in the world.


6.    Name us your most treasured possession.

One thing you should know about me – I am obsessed with shoes, especially sneakers! I have a vast collection of shoes in my wardrobe, from the likes of Nike Air Jordan to Adidas NMDs. Each shoe carries a lot of stories in my own life, and I really treasure each and every single one of them. Shoes for me are a symbol of confidence. They certainly help me boost mine everything I wear them.


7.    Describe to us your sense of style.

My go-to fashion style is streetwear. Simple, comfortable and straightforward, but trendy at the same time. My style is a little bit influenced by the hip hop culture, so most of the time you can expect me in cool hats, long tees and awesome limited edition sneakers.


8.    Sneakers, boots or sandals?



9.    We discovered that you are into fitness. Tell us how you maintain such a great figure.

Admittedly, life of being an entrepreneur is quite hectic. However, I always allocate time to hit the gym for 1-2 hours daily. Doing simple things can help you maintain a great figure too, but you have to be discipline at it. This includes making sure you have enough sleep (I know, I struggle with this sometimes too), drink enough water daily and have a healthy sustainable diet. They sound cliché, but that’s why they are cliché, cause they work.


10.  What is your favourite sport?

I enjoy doing sports from the likes of swimming, futsal, basketball and badminton. However, I would spend most of the time hitting those weights at the gym– have always been passionate in bodybuilding!


11.  If you could be best friends with one celebrity from Hollywood, who would it be?

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)! He’s such a superb actor, he’s funny, and he’s very motivational. He is definitely an ideal role model – he’s a great father, he’s a loving husband, and he’s just an awesome celebrity overall. I would like to hang out with him and maybe ask a few tips on bodybuilding too...


12.  What is one embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

I would say I feel embarrassed when I first started doing my own business. This is definitely a big challenge for other new entrepreneurs out there as well. I combatted that by remembering my own goals that I want to become successful and this teeny tiny problem should not come in my way of achieving them.


13.  If you are stranded on an island, name three things you want to have with you.

The first one is a lighter. It’s going to be dark! It’s important if I want to cook too! Second is knife. I need something sharp to fillet my fish. And the third one is Kicap Jalen (soy sauce). I think now you know what my priorities are...


14.  Every man should know how to ………

Be a good leader. A man should know how to lead his family, his wife, his children, his friends, even, and in my case, his company! I could not stress enough how important having a great leadership quality is – and I believe everyone, be it man or woman, should have these traits.


15.  Name three qualities that the girl of your dream should have.

Firstly, she must be a very respectful lady. She should know how to respect me as a person, respect the elderlies and respect everyone, in general. Secondly, someone who is independent and hardworking, just like me. Thirdly, I want a girl who understands me and my work. I have to admit it, I’m clingy sometimes in a relationship-a girl who understands that can definitely make it work!


16.  If you wake up tomorrow and gained one superpower, what would you wished it to be?

I want to fly! I love traveling so much. I enjoy the islands the most. The waves of beaches on an island are always the best choice of destination for traveling. I would love to go to Maldives and Hawaii. Maybe I can save some money on flights too!


17.  Name one fictional character you can identify with.

Superman. He’s such a full-fledged character. His superpowers are unbeatable. He can fly, he can read other people’s minds, he has laser eyes, and so much more! He has an amazing figure too! I can truly resonate with his traits of being a loving and a strong character that he is. And if this is a DC Universe, I hope I am the Superman!


18.  Tell us what song will be the theme of your life right now?

The Greatest by Sia. I’m in love with the motivational lyrics from the song. The song talks about having confidence, believing in yourself that you can do what you want in life and succeed in it. It keeps me motivated at my state right now of pursuing and expanding my business.


19.  Who has been your biggest support system in life?

My parents. I am the only child in my family. They poured so much love to me throughout my life. Everything I do in my life, I’m doing it for them, I’m doing it for us. Whenever I push myself to do a lot more in my work, they will always come in my mind as a motivation that I can, because that’s how important they are in my life.

20.  What would be your advice for those youngsters who are aiming to start a successful business like yours?

Remember one thing-what differentiates us from others is the possession of knowledge. They say that if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. But if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. You want to start a business? Go for it! But remember, knowledge is essential. Always do your research, read books, and don’t be shy to seek help from others. And yes, pursue your passion. Passion will bring you far in life. Good luck!


Are you inspired to follow your own dreams like what our July Man Crush did? What are your dreams? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. So who will our next issue Man Crush be? Stay tune for our next issue.