Reasons Why Lemon Water is Good for You

Have you gained some weight after celebrating Hari Raya or attending one open house after another during this month? Or are you just simply thinking to shed a few pounds easily so you fit in nicely in your clothes? Well, lemon water can work wonders for you. You might be wondering the reasons behind why lemon water is good for you. So let’s not wait any longer and keep reading on below. You will probably learn something new.

1.    Promotes Digestion

The juices in lemon have the same atomic structure which is the same as the juices found in our stomach to digest what we eat. By drinking lemon water, it helps keep whatever you are eating move smoothly through your gastrointestinal tract which also relieves any indigestion or an upset stomach. It helps detox your body without even you realizing it.


2.    Add some Vitamin C

We always wonder if we get enough vitamin C in our body and by drinking lemon water, you definitely will! Lemon has full of vitamin C which will benefit your body’s immune system. Vitamin C from the lemon water helps protect cells from oxidative damage. So no worries as you can keep the colds and flu at bay.


3.    Sheds off Pounds

Since lemon water helps to digest what you eat easier, it also promotes weight loss. Drinking lemon water everyday helps shed some pounds off as lemon contacts pectin. If you don’t know what pectin is, it is a type of element found in fruits which keeps your tummy full longer. Therefore, drink lemon water after every meal to see the results.


4.    Boost Energy

Yes, coffee keeps you awake in the morning but why not switch it for a healthier option. Start your day gulping down a glass of lemon water as it helps boost your energy without the caffeine intake. You can go about your day feeling rejuvenated and confident.


Have you tried drinking lemon water? What other beverages you think has helped you? Share in the comment section below.