The Conscious Consumer: 3 Reasons To Go Cruelty-Free

It’s crazy how the beauty industry is taking our social media by storm nowadays. There’s the contour tutorial to look like a Kardashian, how to fill up your eyebrows and make it neat around the edges with a concealer, and how to plump up your lips with a lip-liner…you get the drill. But while many of us humans spend so much time to look beautiful and influence others with our beauty, we do not give much thought of what we put on our faces. Unfortunately, according to PETA, hundred thousands of animals are killed every year in lab testing.

Before we begin questioning each other’s humanity, we need to take steps of our own too. Here are three easy reasons to remember why we should forgo beauty products that apply animal testing:


1.     It’s healthier, obvi.


What has been experimented on animals does not always mean the final product may be safe for us. So why risk your health when you can opt for all-natural ingredients used in products? Furthermore, it is non-toxic and suitable even for the most sensitive skin, with ingredients on the label you can easily identify.


2.     Lab testing is conducted on rodents, dogs and cats.


Yes, believe it or not – not only mice, guinea pigs and bunnies are subjected to this unnecessary painful ordeal, but dogs and cats too. If you own a pet, you know you would never let anything harm your little best friend, what more to say animals out there.


3.     Guilt-free conscience.


Making the right choices in life helps to make you feel psychologically, physically and spiritually better. While we might not always be able to avoid such products all the time, there should be no excuse for us to be more compassionate towards the living nature and to make the right choices.


Cruelty-free products lead the way when it comes to combining values with beauty. Why say no to something that can help you make a global impact? Be a conscientious consumer and be aware of what lies in store for you. With that said, what are your thoughts on going cruelty-free? Leave your comments below.