The GD Effect - VANS Style 36 Sneakers

Okay, are you a fan of the K-POP culture? Whether you are or not, there has been a massive trend going on with the VANS Style 36 Sneakers. When G-Dragon or also known as GD, the famous singer in The Big Bang group posted a few photos on his Instagram donning he stylish VANS sneakers, suddenly the hype of that particular classic sneaker has been receiving a huge attention in the community from all over the world. The price is spiking up by the minute from people selling it on platforms such as Ebay putting the price for US $189.99(RM 817) and Rakuten for RM650.

The diehard fans of Vans, this authentic Old Skool 36 is definitely not unfamiliarized. This was one of the popular shoes back in the days, the main attraction of Old Skool is having the stripe much longer and the tip of the shoe is shorter. This year's hottest selling shoe is creamy-white colour matched with red [Sidestripe] ever since G-Dragon wore it a several times.

image credit: HBX

image credit: HBX

The swag appeal of his post drew many fans to go crazy over the sneakers making the brand bring it back into the market. Even if you are not a fan, no one can deny the beauty of simplicity and classic design of the VANS sneakers. If you are tempted to get this trendy VANS sneaker, you can get it at RM259 in ZALORA. ZALORA has re-launched it on 13th July 2017. So do not miss the chance to grab it here!

Are you one of the man who are waiting eagerly to get yours today? Tell us why you love the VANS style sneaker in the comment section below.