The K-Drama Craze

It probably began with Winter Sonata and soon after that, another weather related drama. Regardless of when the dramas started, they certainly didn’t know when to stop. As we speak yet another Korean drama is in the making and surely many fans are waiting in anticipation.

So what makes young girls especially (and erm, young women and men) get all obsessed with these dramas? Here’s a rundown of the possible reasons:

1. The Storyline


The screenwriters are good storytellers who weave beautiful tales of love and lost. This is obviously their main selling factor but lately some dramas have also gone in different directions and veered towards fantasy like genres yet still with compelling and engaging plots and not forgetting a twist somewhere in the middle to keep you glued to the screen. From modern day stories to historical series, they never fail to impress and make you weep.


2. The Unforgettable Soundtrack


Fans may not understand the lyrics but that doesn’t get in the way of them appreciating the music. Every song fits every scene and with amazing vocals how can one not love it and keep it on repeat mode.


3. The Actors


Without these amazing people the drama would certainly not exist. With good casting (plus good looks) and impeccable acting (though sometimes with quite similar facial expressions you’ve seen in other K-dramas) fans get really caught up in the characters portrayed. Eventually they always make sure they don’t miss to watch the actors in other dramas.


4. The Fashion Statements

shoe couple.jpg

From the clothes they wear to the accessories and even the cars, these K-dramas sure know how to draw attention. Pretty faces are not just for the leading ladies or supporting roles, but the male actors get as much shine and glamour.


5. Location and Props

It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, their attention to detail is meticulous and they make everything seem alive and real. The amazing cinematography adds to the authenticity of the story. The result is some fans end up taking up Korean language, going to a Korean restaurant or even becoming a tourist in the country!


The list could go on but it is suffice to say that with those reasons one cannot avoid getting hooked on K-dramas. Trust me your week wouldn’t be complete without watching at least one episode!


So what’s your favourite Korean drama? Do share with us below.