Tips & Tricks on Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks has been a staple for any woman since its becoming a great hit in the market, but not a lot of us know how to properly use them to make sure they look as good as you first applied it throughout the day. Here are some tips and tricks to make your pout look good underneath those matte liquid lipsticks! 

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your lips prior to applying any liquid lipsticks is crucial. The creamy matte formulation of liquid lipsticks can be a challenge to apply if you don’t remove the dead skin from your lips. They can drag and bunch up into clumps on your lips and ugh, that look is just not cute especially with darker colours. So be sure to use any lip scrub beforehand to make the application smoother!


2. Moisturize

Now that your lips are dead skin free, just slather on some lip balm or any lip moisturizer to hydrate and keep it plump! Some matte liquid lipsticks can be very drying so moisturizing is the key to avoid your lip colour settling into the cracks of your lips. Make sure to bring along your lip balm in case of touch ups after a meal. It’s better to moisturize before every touch ups to keep the lip looking fresh.


3. Use a mirror

Liquid lipsticks are nothing similar to your normal lipsticks that you can apply in just seconds. They need patience and concentration because the colors are very opaque so it’s easier to mess up while applying. So save a pocket mirror inside your handbag for a precise application whenever you are in need (or just use your phone camera lol).


4. Less is more


Use a little bit of product one at a time.  It is easier to layer on the colour if you need more pigmentation rather than swiping your lips with a dollop of liquid lipsticks around because they can get patchy that way. Remove any excess from the applicator by scraping it at the mouth of the lip tube.


What is your favourite liquid lipstick? Comment below if you have any other tricks regarding them!