Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Closet

It cannot be denied that women will probably have the problem of shopping all the time but end up having nothing to wear. Although men can never relate to our dilemma, it is definitely a real problem to the ladies. Therefore, one of the solutions is to shop for new clothes but at the same time, letting go of your old ones. You will definitely feel that it is something hard to do but on the bright side, you get to shop for new ones which are more in trend. So how to spring clean your closet and have a fresh beginning to your wardrobe? Check them out below.

1.    Separate into three boxes

The first way to get started is to separate your clothes, accessories and shoes into three boxes. Label these boxes with throw, donate and sell. Anything which is not thrown into any of the boxes is the ones you keep. The way to identify is to put any stained, ripped or damaged pieces into the ‘throw box’. Anything which still looks good to be worn but have no selling value is to be donated. Meanwhile, if you have something that looks perfect but hardly to ever be worn again, you can definitely sell it for a few bucks on any online marketplace platform, for example like Carousel.


2.    The One Year Rule

This is one way you can make a decision to keep or not to keep what you have stored in your closet all this time. Apply the one year rule! If you have not worn it in the past year, it is probably time to say goodbye. The thing is if you have not worn it throughout the one year, you will probably not wear it again so why still store it in the back of your closet. Let’s de-clutter.


3.    Get a Second Eye

What about making your spring cleaning a girl’s night? Invite your best friend over for that second eye and opinion. She will help pick out the clothes that works perfectly with your style and explain to you why some should not be kept. Order some pizza and enjoy the night.


4.    Organization is Key!

Once you have separated the ones to keep and the ones that are not needed any longer, the next step is to organize them back in your closet. Some people love to colour coordinate, some love to line it by category while some stack up according to what they often wear. It does not matter what your preference is, your newly fresh organized closet will definitely make you proud.


So how do you spring clean your closet? Share your experience in the comment section below.